The Songstress is a individual whose voice has magical qualities that make them revered and feared across the Vally. Their voices hold the power to make armies lay down their arms and weep or fight with the ferocity of raging berserkers against overwhelming odds. A Songstress can lift a town’s hope banishing illness from those listening to their song with just the joy that they bring.

Fortunately Songstress’ are exceedingly rare and the few that are born into the world are generally taken in by the Order of the Exalted voice the moment they give their first cries of life. Those that aren’t generally do not live more then a week as the cries the baby gives out of hunger and fear even t such a young age will cause hearts to stop from sadness.

That’s right a Songstress is born to their role. Their control of emotions through the use of their voice is not something that can be taught. Like a sorcerer Their magic is simply part of who they are.

The Voice: The magic of a Songstress is known for i simply know as The Voice. When a Songstress sings, speaks or even grunts she grabs hold of the emotions of those that hear her. The Voice rings naturally to the hearts of listeners stoking some emotions while dampening others depending on the song or sound they hear. A laugh can bring joy, A groan at a tubed toe can bring agony. a moan can bring bliss. Those are just examples of every day sounds. The Voice truly comes into focus when a songstress crafts it into a song. Epics that speak beyond words to masses.

While the power of the Voice is great so is the price. Singing a song drains the Songstress’ life force. Each song tiring a Songstress for days or weeks and aging her in years. As such Songstress’ are very careful about then when and where that they perform and never go anywhere without several bodyguards.

The Order of the Exalted Voice: This is the group to which almost all Songstress’ belong. Using magic and a special connection all Songstress’ shear they seek out Voice users while they are still within the mother’s womb. Specially trained individuals traveling across the Valley in search of those rare few born with the talent. The children are without word brought to the stronghold of the order and from birth trained to maintain silence in all things. Never giving a single cry of pain. Never a note of joy. Always keeping their voice under tight control.


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