Mana Crystals

Mana Crystals are in simplistic terms solidified magic energy that can be found forming anywhere that large amounts of power collects. The crystals are most commonly found on the edge of the great rift with shards ranging in size from as big as a thumb nail to the size of a rose bud. Mana Crystals come in several different colors with each crystal having different properties.

White Mana Crystal: This crystal resembles most closely Quartz. These are also one of the most common mana crystals found but never appear in large sizes. The magic within is also the most malleable working equally well when used to fuel all schools of magic.

Green Mana Crystal: Green mana crystals look like emeralds that glow softly in the dark. They run the full gambit of sizes. Green Crystals contain concentrated life energy and are best used in conjunction with healing spells.

Blue Mana Crystal: Blue crystals resemble sapphires that like all other mana crystals glow faintly in the dark. Blue Crystals are the most stable crystal and are hard to break down. They are best used for enchantments and make great power sources for magic devices and golums

Red Mana Crystal: These are the least stable of the mana crystals. They look like shards of glowing red glass and are considered extremely dangerous. They are so unstable that a crystal will turn to dust in a matter of weeks and if struck by a hard object stands a chance to release all of it’s energy in an explosion. Because of their unstable nature red crystals are best use for evocations but are more often left alone.

Crystals and Jacob’s Theory

There is something about the way Mana Crystals form that makes them more “stable” Then magic channeled directly by a spell caster. This vastly decreases the corrupting effect of spells cast using crystals as catalysts. This also makes Mana crystals fairly safe to carry around in large quantities with the notable exception of red crystals which are dangerous for their own reason.

Crystalline Currency
Because of their use by spell casters as a catalyst as well as a few political motivations Mana crystals are used as currency for most nations of the Valley. While any shard can be traded in nations use a recognized coinage made using the crystals. These coins are all made in the northern lands in a secret process that grinds down the crystals into a powder before pressure molding them into intricate coins. When inspected closely these coins appear to be completely solid making counterfeiting next to impossible

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Mana Crystals

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