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Hello and welcome to the Homepage for the Twilight Under the Shattered Moon campaign. Weather you are one of my players or just visiting to see what this game is all about you are welcome here. I only ask you forgive me should this Wiki prove problematic. I am just learning. That being said let us move on.

What is this Campaign and what is it about?
Well answering the first part is pretty easy. This is a campaign I am running for some of my closest friends, Some of whom have never played before. I want to give them a fun and interesting world to play in that is not held down by those worlds already considered cannon. Which leads to the second part.

What is the story about?
Honestly I can’t really say. This world is still taking shape. There are very few villeins and no evil masterminds just yet. Not great dragon kings that are seeking to unleash the armies of the underworld or anything like that. I am building this campaign as it forms in my mind which in turn gives my players a chance to add their own twists and turns. This is a journey into the imagination that we are taking together. I want it to be exciting and wonderful but I need your help to sail the ship.

That being said I am going to try and give some back ground info on the world. I will try and update this information as more is revealed. All right then lets get to work!

World Setting Yep learn about the world the game is set in.

Main Page

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