Sean Sockley

A young soldier on a quest for enlightenment.


Sean Sockley was the younger of a pair of identical twins born in Deepwater to John and Aria Sockley, bakers living in Deepwater’s Castle Ward. Along with his brother, Faris, he dreamed of a life of adventure as a mighty paladin, righting wrongs and smiting evildoers from atop a glorious steed. From the day they were old enough to pick up swords, the two brothers trained hard in preparation for the day when they would journey to a temple of Hieroneous to join an order.

Sean displayed a particular fondness for the greatsword and both brothers exhibited unusual talents. For Faris, those talents included casting orisons to heal the scratches and bruises they received in sparring. Sean, frustrated by his brother’s obvious affinity for the divine, inadvertently manifested an unusual effect of his own. His very will manifested itself as a shield that blocked and deflected a sparring partner’s attacks.

The day the twins turned seventeen, they hired on as caravan guards for the long trip to the temple of Hieroneous. Sean was to be disappointed when the order refused him. “Paladinhood is a calling, Sean,” one of the order’s lieutenants told him, “and we do not believe you have been called.” Frustrated and ashamed by his rejection, Sean denounced Hieroneous and stormed from the temple. His brother, having passed the tests, turned his back on paladinhood for reasons of his own and followed his brother. The two hired on as guards once again and headed for home.

For Sean, rejection from the order was a crushing blow, the sudden and painful end to a lifelong dream. For his brother, encountering the zealous and militant nature of the paladin’s life was a revelation which led to a spiritual reawakening. Sean resented Faris for his happiness, which added to his own self-loathing. He sank into a deep depression which only seemed to lift when he spoke to one of the caravan’s passengers, Morgan Darkmoon. Morgan was a high-ranking member of the Lookshy-based adventuring organization known as Stray Thoughts. Morgan was also a student of the Talariic Codex, a war mind, whose reputation as a goddess of war earned her the moniker, “the Morrigan.”

Morgan was journeying to Deepwater to further Stray Thoughts’ expansion, intending to set up a West Coast chapter of the psionic organization. She recognized the true potential of Sean’s invisible gift and, during the six-month journey, became a mentor and good friend to the lost young soul. Together, Morgan and Sean helped to protect the caravan from raiding gnolls, highwaymen, and other predators of the open road. Sean, having grown more confident in his own powers, even managed to make some of the more seasoned caravan guards seem tame.

When the brothers, now eighteen years old, returned to Deepwater, Morgan gave Sean three valuable gifts: a greatsword made of extremely rare deep crystal, a copy of the Talariic Codex, and an open invitation to join Stray Thoughts once she opened the Deepwater chapter. The brothers embarked on different careers, with Faris becoming gardener in the Pelorite temple called Spires of the Morning and Sean working as a guard in the same temple. The brothers moved into the third floor of the nearby Sapphire House Inn, occupying a modest room. When he’s in town, Sean still trains with the Morrigan. He also occasionally volunteers for the City Guard and visits his parents frequently (often scoring free baked goods in the process.)

Sean hasn’t taken Morgan up on her offer yet. After Faris’ death at the claws of a vicious troll, Sean quit his job, checked out of the inn, and took up the life of a wandering adventurer. Sean Sockley is very much a lost soul, waiting for a great quest to drop into his lap and pull him along. He has found himself seeking out battle because, in the moment, his failure cannot find him. His doubts cannot assail him in the midst of a fight, be it a barroom brawl or a duel to the death with a wicked gnoll.

Sean Sockley

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