World Setting

This campaign is set on a world called Endless Horizon And more specifically within an area known as “the great valley” While I don’t have much to say on Endless Horizon just yet I do know a bit about the valley

The Great Valley is in truth not a valley at all. It is in fact a circular land mass roughly the size of Africa. It is surrounded first by a ring of water known as the Outland Sea and beyond that are the Barrier mountains. These mountains completely isolate the inside of the valley from the rest of the world with the exception of two large passes Known as the Gates of Chaos. (I will fill in information on each major land mark as it becomes relevant.)

The land mass itself is further separated into a north half and a south half by a massive canyon known as the Abyssal Rift. This rift winds it’s way all the way from the east Chaos Gate to the west Chaos Gate leaving only one way to cross between. As such separate cultures have formed on each side. This Campaign is starting in the south kingdoms whose cultures most closely match those of your standard fantasy game. There are a few exceptions.

First the kingdoms of the south revere alchemy over magic for much of their healing as well as warfare. This is mostly becasue of something known as Jacob’s Theory of Magical Entropy.

Second is currency. All lands within the Valley use coins made from magic crystals that form on the edge of the Abyssal Rift. The color of the crystal denotes the value. A clear crystal is worth as much as a copper. A green crystal is worth as much as a silver, a blue crystal coin is worth as much as a gold. There is at this time no equivalent of platinum. All coins are made using specially processed Mana Crystals

Other Features of Note
The Shattered Moon: Tel’lonica
Horizon has a single moon that was long ago named Tel’lonica. Centuries ago the moon was once whole and beautiful. Bigger then Earth’s moon scholars say it would fill the entire sky at night. Then without much of any warning Tel’lonica was struck by a heavenly body shattering it down the middle. Now half of what remains of Tel’lonica can be seen at night while the rest has become a brilliant silver band that surrounds Horizon like a belt.

And for now that is all. There will be more as I come up with it. Stay tuned for my notes on the great bridge of Juno and my run down of the major cities of the southern kingdoms. Now to go and start coming up with some names.

World Setting

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